Stage and Internship

At the end of this section, GPS students may visit our dedicated sections for internship/traineeship and Erasmus + Traineeship programmes.


General information (COSP)

An internship (or traineeship) is a training experience encompassing different options:

  • Students can participate in curricular internship/work placement
  • Those who have completed their study programme not more than 12 months ago can do extracurricular internships/traineeships.

The Cosp manages setup procedures for internships in public and private companies and institutions aimed at enrolled students, graduands and postgraduates.

How to find a stage opportunity

Students can either select one of the available internship positions on the University noticeboard or find an internship by themselves.
In any case they must follow procedures established by the Study and Career Guidance Centre (COSP).


6 of the 9 CFUs provided in the Study Manifesto for Laboratories (Data and Dissertation) or Advanced Language Skills (French, Spanish, and German) may also be curricular internship/traineeship and Erasmus + Traineeship.


This is a significant opportunity for students who want to put in practice what they have learned in their studies. An internship experience allows students  to enrich their curriculum and their professional profile. It also allows to gain work experience, providing the opportunity to engage with the organizational, professional and interpersonal context of those who work in the field of cooperation, development and social policies.

This recognition procedure applies exclusively to curricular internships activated through COSP.

For an internship of 75 hours there is the recognition of 3 CFU. It is possible to obtain 6 CFU (every Erasmus+ activity is recognized 6 CFU) after an internship/traineeship period of at least 150 hours. 

Finding an internship
  • You can apply for internship offers posted on the online bulletin board managed by COSP
  • You can apply for internship offers posted on the GPS dedicated website.
  • It is possible to find an internship opportunity on one's own and follow COSP instructions for the activation procedures ( first, however, it is necessary to contact the Internship Tutor who will assess the compatibility of the proposed activities with GPS's training program.
Activating an internship

An internship must always be activated on the basis of a written agreement between the host company or the host institution and the University (“Internship Agreement”). The drafting of these documents is done online via the COSP portal.

At the following website you may find the instructions to be followed in order to activate the internship through COSP:




Ending the internship and credit recognition procedure

The procedures for uploading career credits take approximately 4 months. Please contact the Internship Tutor or the SPS students service office if credits have not been uploaded at the end of the 4 months. This recognition procedure applies exclusively to curricular internships activated through COSP.

The student must email to the internship tutor the following documents: 1) the internship recognition form filled in; 2) a copy of the internship programme; 3) the questionnaire/report/assessment which should have been previously filled in online by both the host institution and the student.

More information

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Calls for applications are usually published twice a year and offer different traineeship opportunities. Applicants to the Summer call may identify a destination campus autonomously, whereas the Fall call offers traineeships based on specific agreements signed by the University of Milan.


  • Prof. Matteo Jessoula (Responsible for the Department):
  • Prof. Orsola Razzolini (Responsible for GPS):

Progetto “Between assimilation and exclusion. Immigrants’ religious discrimination in Europe”

Università degli Studi di Milano

Tre saranno le attività principali oggetto del tirocinio:
1) Una dettagliata rassegna della letteratura sul tema
2) L’analisi vera e propria e l’organizzazione del materiale empirico
3) La scrittura preliminare dell’articolo
E' prevista la possibilità di svolgere parte delle attività in modalità smart working

Data inizio tirocinio 15/09/2022 Data fine tirocinio 14/04/2023

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