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Laboratory: Multidimensional and Cumulative Inequalities

The laboratory will be run by Prof. Stefano Cantalini (Department of Social and Political Sciences) to register send a mail by 19 May.

24 May to 19 June, 20 hours

Download the programme of the laboratory attached.

Participation in the laboratory will entitle you to 3 credits for further activities.



Human and labor rights in China - 3 ECTS Laboratory

by profZhenxing Ke

The 20 hour laboratory gives the right to recognition of 3 ECTS.

Classes will take place in the Seminar Room, via Passione 13 between May and June.

Download the course syllabus and the timetable. 

Interested students are kindly required to enrol for the laboratory by sending an email to

Laboratory on Citizenship and Political Participation

Professor's Marco Giugni (University of Geneva) will take place on the following calendar:

  • May 8th (17:30-19:30)
  • May 9th (8:30-10:30)
  • May 15th (17:30-19:30)
  • May 16th (8:30-10:30)
  • May 22nd (17:30-19:30)
  • May 23rd (8:30-10:30)
  • May 24th (8:30-14:30)
  • May 29th (17:30-19:30)

To enroll contact Prof. Cinalli at

The annual student survey will be online until 26 May.

Registration is now open for the training pathway "Open Science: basic principles" reserved for undergraduate students in master's degree programs. An open badge will be issued at the end of the training.

Registration deadline is Friday, May 10, 2024.

Data Lab - laboratorio Dr. Juan Masullo

Si comunica che il laboratorio "Data Lab", prof. Masullo, seguirà il seguente calendario:

16 maggio, 16h30-18h30

17 maggio, 16h30-18h30

22 maggio, 8h30-10h30

23 maggio, 16h30-18h30

24 maggio, 16h30-18h30

29 maggio, 8h30-10h30

30 maggio, 16h30-18h30

31 maggio, 16h30-18h30

6 giugno, 16h30-18h30

7 giugno, 16h30-18h30

Invitation for 3 fully funded placements: Summer School on Citizenship and the Politics of Contention

The Institute of Citizenship Studies(University of Geneva), and Global Politics and Society (UNIMI) announce the call for applications for summer school on “Citizenship and the Politics of Contention”. This summer school takes place within the European University Alliance 4EU+ and will be held on 27-31 May 2024 at the University of Geneva.


Hygiene kits available on campus

The University of Milan offers the entire university community hygiene and first-aid products, such as band-aids, sanitary pads, disinfectant and sterile dressings. These products are given out for free on a need basis, upon request.

The list of courses offered by the Library Service in spring 2024 is now online.