Careers and stakeholders

GPS graduates will be prepared for different career paths, as professionals who can analyse the social, political and economic developments with a global scope, as well as the training for structuring medium to long-term strategic plans. 

GPS graduates will acquire knowledge and training for working in the field of applied research in social and political sciences; in national and international political institutions, and non-governmental organizations; in public, private and third sector organizations; in companies and organizations within the information sector, the cultural industry and the publishing market.

They will also be exceptionally well placed to engage in academic research and to participate in the leading PhD programmes in social and political sciences.

Acquired skills and competences
Graduates of this programme will be equipped with the theoretical tools and empirical knowledge necessary for an in-depth and critical understanding of the functioning of contemporary societies and polities within the global scenario. To this end, the master’s degree in Global Politics and Society will offer an advanced training in the fields of political science and sociology, complemented with key competences in the area of law and economics.
In addition, during the whole programme, GPS aims at:

  • enhancing the acquisition of soft skills, such as teamwork, the ability to present in public and effectively discuss topics related to political and social dynamics in a globalized scenario;
  • fostering the capacity of critical and creative thinking in relation to the global threats affecting the functioning of contemporary societies and polities.

The programme interacts with local, national and international stakeholders, such as professional organizations, manufacturing companies and service providers.